Toomanie EP Octave (RO), Gabi.B, Libe Release Date 13 Nov 2018
Toomanie (Original Mix)
Quickie (Original Mix)
Sir Jiggle (Original Mix)
Glass Half Full (Original Mix)
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Drones EP Pierre C Release Date 23 Oct 2018
Neocortex (Original Mix)
Drones (Original Mix)
Reanu Keeves (Original Mix)
Reanu Keeves (Crescent Remix)
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Time & Place EP Exander Release Date 01 Oct 2018
Self Expression (Original Mix)
Dreamer (Original Mix)
Sunrise (Original Mix)
Sunrise (Deaf Pillow Remix)
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VA - Tzinah Diving Deep Session Two Reclame, Amo, Crescent, Primarie, Pierre C, Tripio X, Zgaav, Valeriu, Petrutt, EMEE Release Date 03 Sep 2018
Dice Tagliu (Original Mix)
Let It Be (Watts) (Original Mix)
Dreamupin (Original Mix)
In Calatorie (Original Mix)
Crossover (Original Mix)
Midnight Trip (Original Mix)
Shifthappens (Original Mix)
Grey Motion (Original Mix)
Ktodic (Original Mix)
Further (Original Mix)
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Vast Horizons EP Zgaav Release Date 06 Aug 2018
Balearic (Original Mix)
Llucmajor (Original Mix)
Vast Horizons (Original Mix)
Vast Horizons (Primarie Reinterpretation)
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Fantastic Tales EP Petit Batou Release Date 16 Jul 2018
Un Etrange Voyage (Original Mix)
Hiccup Bass (Original Mix)
Wingardium Leviosa (Original Mix)
Wingardium Leviosa (Crescent Remix)
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Precious Time EP Vern Release Date 25 Jun 2018
Sens (Original Mix)
Colaps (Original Mix)
Precious Time (Original Mix)
Precious Time (Sacke Remix)
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Collectzinah Session Two Reclame, Scott Kemp, Josh Wicks, Hippnotik, Agar, Trik, Enivrèz Vous, Malini, Black/Tuesday, Mera, Avidel, Vincent Casanova Release Date 04 Jun 2018
Gomma Arabica Morbida (Original Mix)
Orbit (Original Mix)
Biorhythms (Original Mix)
Jazzo Jazzo (Original Mix)
Vulpecula (Original Mix)
Dis (Original Mix)
Favela (Original Mix)
Point Blank (Original Mix)
Fantasia (Original Mix)
Citrus Blood (Original Mix)
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Tzinah Family Libe, Jozhy K, Alex Rusu, Arseniu, Little Hado, Primarie, VLF, Adrianho Release Date 14 May 2018
Jurus (Original Mix)
Feels Like Home (Original Mix)
Undeoare (Original Mix)
Dintr-O Alta Galaxie (Original Mix)
Xoana (Original Mix)
Static (Original Mix)
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Steaua de Mare EP Primarie Release Date 23 Apr 2018
Steaua de Mare (Original Mix)
O Zi de Ras (Original Mix)
De Zi Cu Zi (Original Mix)
De Zi Cu Zi (Herck 'Magictrix' Remix)
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BRYZ - Morning Light Original Mix
BRYZ - Solar Original Mix
Nici Frida - Mood Inside Original Mix
Sacke - Bbb Original Mix
Mihai Pol - Nu Te Supara Frate Original Mix
Mihai Pol - Wendy Original Mix
Mihai Pol - Summer Original Mix
BRYZ - Pastel Original Mix
Chrivu - Ritmic BRYZ Remix
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